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About Us

Founded: April 3, 1905
Home Stadium :Estadio Alberto J. Armando

Club Atletico Boca Juniors is one of the most successful football teams in Argentina and in the world, having won 45 official and 18 international titles to date. Boca Juniors was voted the best South American Club of the 21st century by IFHHS.

Football, projected as the most globalized and practices sport worldwide has boundless growth in our country. Indian Football had its heydays in the ‘50s and ‘60s when India was amongst the Top 20 football playing countries in the world. Since then, however Indian football has gone into a tailspin. While the talent is abundant and out there for all to see, what needs to be done is a professional set up attempted to harness the Indian talent that has remained subliminal all this while, through a renowned football academy.

It is to that end that BOCA JUNIORS FOOTBALL SCHOOL INDIA (BJFSI) was designed and launched in 2013. BJFSI is operated by professionals under the guidelines of Boca Juniors Argentina, thus transmitting all the successful experiences, from the renowned Argentine club, awarded by FIFA as the best soccer club in the world in the last decade.

Boca Juniors Football School India stresses the importance of its sport training program to be considered as a pedagogical process (teaching process) in which the child’s age and youth (between six and sixteen years old) are given the utmost value and are naturally respected.

The Academy education programme is in place and encourages each player to reach his full potential as he passes through the development phases which reinforces the high expectations of the Academy in relation to the standard of: Team Spirit; Friendship; Excellence; Elite Player Conduct; Co-operation; Effort and Persistence and Respect, and encompasses our holistic approach.

Our Objectives
  • to develop and improve the technical abilities of our young players.
  • to encourage them to lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • to offer professional football training sessions, at the same time creating an experience our players can enjoy.
  • to teach the values of practice, punctuality, good communication, manners, hard work, team work and setting goals for the future.
  • we believe in our youngsters and we aim that with the help of our qualified coaches we will do what it takes to make our youngsters believe in their future too.
Coaches Development

Boca Juniors club places high emphasis for need to have in place, well trained and qualified instructors. The Club provides high quality training for all its coaches in the club’s in-house training centers, designed to instruct our coaches on all up-to-date methods and techniques of the football sport.

Youth Football Experience

We create perfect opportunities for all children at their early stages to develop and master multiple skills with the correct techniques that will form the foundation for a successful career. Skills are taught using fun games, manoeuvres, exercises and aerobics under the supervision of our highly trained qualified coaches and fitness trainers. Players will be allowed to express themselves, play without fear of making mistakes, be stimulated to make their own choices in the training sessions and discover


Excellence Program

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    India was launched by Boca Juniors ...

  • 05 The Mumbai chapter of the Boca Juniors
    was inaugurated here on Friday ...

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